Speed up your WordPress website to get more traffic

We know that WordPress is the easiest and secure platform for the blog or any website .but every WordPress site owner face same issue that is WordPress site performance. We know Slow page loading can completely hurt any small or large online businesses.

So, you already know that how page speed makes effects on user experience . In this article, I will discuss why WordPress site speed up is the vital thing and how to improve it.

Let’s think from the user side, when we visit a site through our Mobile Phone or computer for first time .If that time the site will take time to load on the web browser either we leave the site or say site performance is not okay and the site loses an important user.

According to a report of site optimization, 1.5-second delay can decrease site’s rank .it means it effect on your website SEO.

Speed Up Your WordPress Website With Few Tips

Here i am writing everything from my practical experience, so I guarantee that if you use the methods, you can easily speed up your WordPress website.


When we think about improving page speed of the WordPress site. There are optimization techniques depends on the what types of hosting you are using .if you want to continue a site with shared hosting then you will be face problem when your site handle huge traffics. But some good shared hosting available like Bluehost, Dreamhost, site ground, GoDaddy. You can start from there.

Now some web hosting company provide hosting specially for WordPress, and they are highly optimized for WordPress sites.

From My personal experience, I recommended for your WordPress hosting

WordPress Theme:

Theme selection is an another vital part for speed up your WordPress website. Because bad coding can reduce page speed . for example I am sharing an experience before few month ago a client came to me improve page speed WordPress site. He purchases a theme from a market and directly uploads his shared hosting server. He tried a lot of thing for WordPress performance optimization, but he failed. Finally, he hires me for speed up the website.

When I was investigating the problem of slow performance. I surprised by saw the coding structures.

Nowadays premium themes are good they are good and highly optimize for Page speed.

WordPress Performance Plugin :

When you search on google, like how to make WordPress website faster. You will see some well-written article of reducing page speed with WordPress plugin. Obviously, this article is not for the plugins details and setting techniques, here I share the plugins name and the using purpose.

W3 Total Cache: one of the best plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It’s recommended by million users .just install it in your site configure it entirely, your WordPress site performance optimize automatically. It is a best caching plugin, according to your site complexity you can choose their paid version.

Autoptimize Plugin: another useful lightweight plugin. Autoptimize helps to minify your CSS, scripts, HTML and send scripts to the header to footer. You can fix the render blocking CSS issue with Critical Path CSS Generator & Autoptimize plugin.

Speed Up – Lazy Load: lazy load image is a great technique of speed up your WordPress website .it’s load images after loading a site fully.

Compress JPEG & PNG images: it’s another important part of site speed optimization. Compress JPEG & PNG images is my favorite WordPress image optimizer plugin. It’s automatically optimized any images without losing the picture quality.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization: it is an Award Winning Image Optimizer plugin. It scans every image of the site if need improves any image then it works on the image.

From My personal experience, I recommended you to use Compress JPEG & PNG images

Use Content Delivery Networks (CDN) For improve page speed WordPress :

The content delivery network helps speed up your WordPress website .it takes all the static files from the site and when a visitor comes to your site, then can deliver the files to the visitor fast.

99% high traffic website using CDN. maxCDN One of the most popular CDN service providers.

Reduce Server Response Time WordPress: Server Response Time is one of the most important factors improve page speed WordPress. You need to optimize all the major things like image optimization, minify HTML, js, CSS. Remove Query Strings, gzip compression enable and need to chose high-speed hosting server. If you do the steps successfully, then the Server Response Time automatically Reduce.

Enable Gzip Compression WordPress: Gzip is a process of making the file smaller on a web server. It helps to speed up your WordPress website by providing the compressed file faster to the network transfer. You can enable it by different ways like .htaccess, Apache web servers, Nginx and more.

Here I show you how to do with .htaccess. You need to follow some simple steps

  • open your . htaccess
  •  put the code and save it


Speed up your WordPress website

how to check WordPress performance optimization

There are a lot of free and paid tools are available on the internet. You can pick anything from your website. Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom is my favorite tools. These tools are easy to identify the exact error into the site speed.

Speed up your wordpress website
Pingdom another useful feature is you can test your website from a targeted location.

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