get new customer or freelancer clients

How to get new customer or freelancer clients

If you are a new freelancer or struggling in this field, then you can easily connect with this line “One of the hardest things is get new customer or freelancer clients.”

A few years ago freelancer could get the job easily but now time has changed, it’s not easy for beginners.
However, if you are a beginner no need to worry, here I will share some easy and reliable tips and tricks to get clients.

My top strategies to get new customer or freelancer clients

get new customer or freelancer clients

Promote with the old clients:

it is probably the best way getting clients without doing anything .Just imagine when you are referred by someone, it means the person work with you previously and happy with your work, now when he /she promote your service, your job winning chance will be higher than other.

Trust is key of online business :

always try to provide good service and get referred by your clients . And don’t forget to keep good relation with the clients.

Be creative and expert:

A lot of ways are available to become an expert because when you deal with your first client, you need to show your expertise on this field. For example, you are working on Fiverr or upworks, and you will get an invitation for a job interview, the client will ask you some question related to the job before hiring. You need to answer the questions.

Up to date your profile:

Profile updating is another key of getting job from the clients. New customer means both are unknown. So when the persons give you the job or hire you for his project, he will check your profile . Update your profile with a good summary, skill, and a good tag line related to your service. The profile needs to be eye-catching.
Up to date your portfolio: different people think different things so portfolio is very important. Some clients has not enough time to read your cover letter they just see the previous works. So try to update your portfolios with good projects.


Recruiters always find people on linked in related to their niche. So you need to keep updated your profile always. Linked is the great source to get to get new customer or freelancer clients. There you can meet with a lot of business people. You can communicate with them and also hired by them .

  •  Update your skills.
  •  Update your experience
  • Update you tagline
  • Add your good photo


It’s my another favorite way to get clients. When I start my freelancing business, I did not get any client sources. I just communicate with some people and tell them what I do. Within few weeks I got a deal. Facebook page is another great way to promote service and finding new customers.


you can also get new customer from Twitter like Facebook. Just spend your time there and communicate with people, help people.


Networking start from home, we can share our business with our friends families. I think this the best place to start building business relationships. Now we have a lot of ways to building networking and meet with new people new customer . Participate in online forums are the best way to get clients.

I use these strategies get new clients. I will update this getting clients post every day with my practical methods which work, so keep visiting, if you like this post then please share it in your circle and also if you have any creative idea to get new customer or freelancer clients, please share with me I will add it here.

: Ani : Aug 21, 2017 : Freelancing, Marketing

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