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Do you want to know about Best free WordPress themes. In this post, I am going to discuss it. Every day I have visited lots of websites For the learning purposes also meet the clients , and I see that each person said free templates are not suitable for their website and also it’s not safe, And the reasons are,

  • No support from the developer.
  • The template doesn’t update when core WP update.
  • Hacking components are included with the file .
  • Visually not looking good .

The points are really important. But all the free WordPress themes are not same some templates are perfect for your website and update with the latest WP. For example,if you use our free theme you can download the latest version of the theme which are tested with the new WordPress Updated.

free WordPress themes

No support from the developer, yes, it’s right some theme developer doesn’t give reply quickly they take the time to answer. They use free templates for marketing the premium template. It’s a good idea for selling the premium product on Theme Forest or other place .

The template is not updated when core WP update,It’s right 95% templates do not updated with latest WordPress code. For this reason when you update wordpress in your website ,then current free website template break down. There are maybe two reasons, first of all, the developer is new and second one is that its use for selling the premium version of this theme.

Hacking components are included with the file , At this time I see most of the cases website owners are facing the hacking problem. The main reason is they are using nulled WordPress themes. When I work for my client and recover the hacking site, I see they were using the nulled theme for their site.
Visually not looking good It’s not a problem, just free WordPress themes download and hire someone and customize it as per your requirements. Or use the theme option for customize.

Difference between premium & free WordPress themes


  • No developer support (not for all themes).
  • Don’t update with the latest code (not for all themes).
  • Deprecated code issue.
  • Security problem.
  • Loading problem.
  • No SEO optimized.


  • 24/7 hours support.
  • No deprecated code issue.
  • The update comes when WordPress update.
  • No security issues (100% safe for use).
  • First loading.
  • Complete SEO optimized

So now I am going to discuss some best free WordPress themes download market, you can use their theme free of cost . Here I create a simple list hope it will be helpful for all.

free WordPress themes

Wpexplorer: wpexplorer is the best site for a WordPress theme. There you can see two types of theme premium and free. All are updated when core WP update. All the themes are responsive, easy to install, no deprecated issue, a security issue. Developer support no charges for that. There are almost 30 categories from there you can easily find your template. Up to 15 free themes are available. Not only they provide free themes also provided plugins. Over all this the best site if you want to use the free theme for your site.

free WordPress themes
Colorlib: it’s also another good market, from where you can download the template or buying your favorite theme. All themes are excellent.I love their support forum. You can see the details of everything also discuss any theme topic. Overall, they provide a very good theme.

free WordPress themes it’s a big theme directory for free WordPress themes download.A lot of good quality themes are available there for your start up blog. I have seen there are not only blog theme business theme, portfolio websites themes are available. Some good themes are downloaded over 10,000+ that means they are really good and updated.

Over all, I want to say that free WordPress themes not bad if it’s updating by every update of WordPress and also my recommendation is that, download and use free WordPress themes but don’t use nulled theme .

: Ani : Aug 11, 2017 : Wordpress

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