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Some Wonderful Free Image Hosting Sites

Free image hosting sites find is not an easy task. So today I have decided to create a post on this topic. Although a lot of posts already on the web I have decided to make it with some twists. We always prefer free method if it does not work then we go with paid plan, so when we want or need to host an image, then we go to search on Google by using this types of keyword Free image hosting sites after that Google provides a huge list of sites name. I have decided to discuss here top sites which are superb for hosting images.

Why should the image host?

A photographer wants to share his creativity with others. Image hosting sites are the primary source for them. They can communicate with other people through this picture. If you are a blogger or website developer, it helps you lot because now website speeds play a vital role in SEO .so if you host your site’s images externally you can improve your site’s speed.

How to choose a free image hosting sites

First thing first if you want to upload pictures to the free image hosting sites then you need to check some important thing like site reliability, speed, storage, limitations. Professional photographer or website owner never want to lose their creativity by choosing a wrong place. Site speed is a significant factor for all a low-speed site can lose your maximum visitors. You need to check the limit of a total amount of stored and uploaded. Before you, signup read terms and conditions of this website.

Best free image hosting sites forever


free image hosting sites

flicker is my first choice for hosting and sharing images. The owner of this site is Yahoo. It’s a popular website for photographers and photo lovers. There anyone can upload and share the picture. You can extend the photos to your site quickly. If you a blogger or website owner and your site on word press then you can easily put images by this Flicker Photo stream plugin.
How to photo upload into flicker site
First of all search on Google by this name flicker after that, you can you see the blue sign up button on the top right corner. Just you need to click on it and create an account with your Yahoo id. After login in you can see the upload option in the same location where to sign up button was held. You need to click on it and upload your image. All the option is too easy to understand, so this is my first free image hosting sites on my list.
Instagram : Instagram is another online Free image hosting sites. Not only it is a photo sharing site but also it has more services like video share, social networking .it’s social networking service offer to users to take pictures and share publicaly or store for personal. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created it in 2010, and from then it’s a popular mobile app for Free image hosting and sharing. This mobile app supported by every mobile device like iPhone, iPad And more. Also, this app available on to most popular market place google play store and app store. For there you can easily download it . over all it’s a good Free image hosting sites or app.

free image hosting sites

another old trusted free image hosting sites on the internet .not only image host site but also a good video hosting site. Let’s talk about how to use this site .first of going to the site, and there you can see the upload option just use it .after hosting your favorite image or video here you can quickly put it on your website.

Google Photo:

free image hosting sites

It’s another good free image hosting sites. This site maintains by Google so that you can use it .there are unlimited and free cloud space available for every user. Not only stored images you can retouch your images by using their free image editing tools. Google photo app now available on Android, you can arrange all the photo from a mobile for that you need to go Google play store and download the nice app. so try to use it .developers can also use the site just upload the picture after that click on it. There you can see some important information like new shared album, add to shared album, get a link. So get the link the developer‘s option you need to click on it and copy the link for useful purpose.


free image hosting sites

Imgur is a free image hosting sites. It is also popular on the internet. As a free site, you can upload your photos. If you upgrade your membership you can get more extra features .if you want to use the site then just use the native button of the top bar .upload your pictures and share or copy the link from the right sidebar and share.
Photo Bucket: it is another popular free image hosting sites on the internet .in my list I give 5th position because it’s free, but it has some limitation like monthly storage and bandwidth. So what you need to do if you want to store your picture here. Simply signup here by using your email id or facebook id, And complete the account. After login, you can see this types of interface. There you can see the storage space and monthly bandwidth, still, if you want to upload your images to this free image hosting site, and then click on the blue upload button on the top bar. After that, you can see another interface just drag your picture from your computer and drop here, or you can directly upload the image by clicking the Choose photos and videos option. Here you can upload and share your video.


free image hosting sitesit’s another best free image hosting sites forever. It is almost similar like Flicker. If you are a photographer, then it is the best site to share your pictures. Well, It ‘s an another good alternative another site which I describe here. 500px Company has started their journey from 2009.Now they are popular like Flicker, Instagram. The member of the site can create their profile to share their pictures. Premium members can create a separate portfolio without rating and comment. There is also available embed photo option on your site. So Over it’s a good free image hosting sites.

Other Good free photo sharing site list:


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