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How To Make your 5 Dollars On Fiverr TODAY

5 Dollars is today’s topic. It is the little price if you are a high-level employee or freelancer but remembers 5000$ or 50,000$ made with 5 Dollars. I am the seller of this five dollars market. The name of the market is Fiverr. The last couple of years they are improving their market and give a stiff completion with another market. However, I think that this the best online market to earn extra money. Don’t need to find a buyer or a job. Customer finds you as per their projects need. I don’t say other markets are bad they are also good. Let’s introduce Fiverr.

What is Fiverr & gig?

Fiverr is a 5$ buy sell marketplace. And gig is a gateway between seller and buyer. Here you can do any job only for five-dollar. So go to the site by clicking on this link Fiverr. If you are a professional or new, find your perfect category matching with your skill and publish a gig. Within few days, you will get the message from the buyers. Now, I am going to discuss in details how to earning from this market.

If you already visit the site, then you see the signup popup window . just you need to put your email address after that redirects to your 5 Dollars market’s dashboard .now you can see drop down the top of the right corner. Now see the menu and fill the options and try to make the profile 100% complete.

what types of document do you need to approve account?

No, need any documents to create an account here with out your Business and personal Email address. But still you need to know the rules of this market .for that just click on this link and visit Fiverr customer support. If you still confuse how to start Fiverr journey then visit Fiverr Academy .it is very helpful for all new and pro sellers.There you can see the complete guidance from creating gig to getting payment from the client.

How to build a gig for getting a job?

Yes, it is the most important part of earning 5 Dollars .you need to give all attention here when you are creating a gig. Before we create a gig, we need to analyze the market. And think like a buyer, why I say that because if you are a new here and want to sell your service but which already selling by someone .then, you can’t earn your targeted money .you need some SEO knowledge because Fiverr search engine works like Google search engine.

Now create a gig for 5 Dollars, it is straightforward. First of all, go the selling option by clicking the drop down menu and click on the add a new gig after clicking it a new page will be open with some fields. You need just to complete the fields. After that publish .you have done. Within few minutes, your gig will be live.

Some tricks for creating Gigs on Fiverr

  • Small title with your main keywords.
  • Add a good description by using all options which are there.
  • Use your main keywords three times.
  • Title keywords write in capital letter.
  • Use proper tags.
  • Use keywords in the tag.
  • Create the attractive image for the gig.
  • Make the high-quality video with clear sound.
  • Add ” Exclusive on Fiverr” on gig image.
  • If you maintain this, you will get the job soon.

are 5 Dollars enough for you in a day?

I think no because I am also freelancer visit my profile here.Fiverr set product price 5 Dollars but now you can set your price over 1000$ .for that you need to cross few steps .the actions are called levels.

Level one: to get the level one badge you need to flow this steps

  • More than one month you need to works here Login to Fiverr account.
  • Need to complete 10+ project.
  • Maintain the proper rating over 4 starts with low cancellation rate.
  • The benefit of the level one seller:
  • now you can get some extra benefit from Fiverr.
  • Not only 5 Dollars you can send an offer to your customer up to 1,500$.
  • Now you can be active 15 gigs under you.
  • You also add an extra fast option with high than normal price you set your profile anywhere but remember that don’t use direct SEO on your gig.

Level two: to reach level two you need to follow this steps

  • Complete over 50 order within two months.
  • Maintain 4.5-star rating with small cancel rate.
  • The benefit of the level two seller:
  • Now you can be active 20 gigs under you.
  • You also add the extra fast option with high than normal 5 Dollars price you set your profile anywhere but remember that don’t use direct SEO on the gig.
  • You can add five gig extras option.
  • Top rated seller: for that you need to.
  • Maintain good ratings with 4.5 to 4.7 star.
  • Good customer support.
  • High sell with small cancel rate.
  • Community support.
  • The benefit of the Top rated seller:
  • Now you can be active 30 gigs under you.
  • Six extras gig with the high price.
  • Unlimited price custom offer.
  • VIP customer support.
  • And more.

If you want to know more about 5 Dollars market’s means Fiverr level visits here. I think I already cover all the necessary things of the Fiverr marketplace. Now I will discuss some advanced topics which will help you to get more sell on Fiverr something like gig optimization for more sell, how to use white hat SEO, black hat SEO, how to use Facebook twitter for sale. If you interested on this 5 Dollars market, and also on this post then keep visiting and subscribe and share. I will update this post soon with all the advanced topics.


: Ani : Aug 10, 2017 : Make Money Online

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